HURDLE Group Inc.

Get to know us

We are HURDLE Group, Inc., a human resources agency located in Plattsburgh, NY. With clients on both sides of the US/Canada border, we’ve also partnered with Crossborder Development Corp. and LaborQuest USA to facilitate H2 visa needs and international commerce.

With services ranging from HR guidance and risk mitigation to payroll and benefits, we can save business and organizations time and money by providing proven, people-first services without the overhead of an in-house department.

The recent pandemic has required businesses and employers to re-evaluate their perspective and management of their most important asset: people. Formed out of the needs of today’s post-pandemic economy, our team partners with yours to provide support in both realms of HR, the human and resources.

Meet Our President — Holly Black, SHRM-CP

With over 10 years of manufacturing and operational experience, and more than 8 years in professional human resources services, Holly Black, the president and owner, is a results-focused leader who provides talent management, talent acquisition, retention, and HR solutions. Her aim is to help businesses harness the power of their most valuable asset, their people. With a double bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology, a master’s degree in war studies, and her SHRM-CP certification, Holly helps businesses understand their employees to strategize and optimize their workforce. She also empowers and motivates employees to realize their full potential and bring out the best in their job.

Holly began her HR career in talent acquisition at a start-up recruiting and staffing agency. She provided on-site HR support for her clients and was later contracted by Bombardier Transportation to provide staffing and recruitment for their major ramp-up, which involved mass hiring of over 300 production assemblers and 64 welders in two years.

Holly wanted to pursue a more strategic role, so she pursued her SHRM-CP credentials and was hired as the HR manager at Wabtec Co. Her main task was to decrease attrition rates during COVID-19 and “The Great Resignation” from 54% to 16% over a two-year period. She also implemented a ramp-up strategy to increase employees to meet production demands. During her time at Wabtec, the company went through a major global restructure, and Holly facilitated change management principles to ease this major shift. She was brought onto the senior leadership team, and her advice and support were sought after to strategize on organizational structures and planning to make the business successful.

As a highly motivated leader and entrepreneur, Holly started HURDLE Group, Inc. to assist other companies through their growth, evolution, and struggles. From strategizing on operational plans to offering insight and advice as a business partner, Holly can help your business overcome HR hurdles so you can focus on your growth